What Is Windows 3D Builder?

Microsoft Windows is an operating system, designed and marked by Microsoft, offering many individual software programs for users with different interests and requirements.

We’ve all heard of the basic programs in the Windows suite, including Microsoft Word and Excel. But for the designers and artists out there, Windows offers a more exciting program: Windows 3D Builder.

What Is Windows 3D Builder

Microsoft 3D Builder

If you’ve never used Windows 3D Builder before, you might be wondering how this software can help to facilitate your projects and improve the quality of your work. This is what we hope to be able to answer for you in today’s guide to Windows 3D Builder.

Windows 3D Builder: A Summary

At its core, Windows 3D Builder is a program that allows users to design, edit and view 3D objects from scratch up until the point where they are ready to be printed.

The Windows 3D Builder software was released in 2013 by Microsoft Corporation and is supported by systems running on Windows 10 and Windows 8.1.

This is a versatile and user-friendly program, suitable for children aged 3 and over as well as adults of any age.

Available in over 60 different languages, Windows 3D Builder is accessible to users all over the world.

How Does Windows 3D Builder Work?

If you’re new to the magical world of Windows 3D Builder, you might find that the program takes a little getting used to. However, once you understand how it works, it’s not complicated at all.

Because the user interface is so intuitive and clearly laid out, the only information you really need to get your head around from the beginning is which file types can be saved and printed using Windows 3D Builder.

Windows 3D Builder is able to save files in STL, PLY, and 3MF format. 3D models can be printed in these same formats with the addition of OBJ and VRML files.

What Tools Does Windows 3D Builder Offer?

Microsoft 3D Builder offers a wide range of tools, so whether you need to start a design completely from scratch or just want to add the finishing touches before sending the file to your printer, this program will be perfect for you.

In the editor, you can create designs in a variety of ways. If you want to build a larger design out of some simple shapes, you can do this using the drag and drop function. You can always merge shapes, cut them up, or take them away again.

Embossing and adding text is also easy using the Windows 3D Builder program.

If you find that your end result needs a little tidying up, there are editing features that allow you to smooth and clean up models before you hit ‘print.’

Microsoft 3D Builder

You could also turn a photograph or design that you already have in a compatible file type and turn it into a 3D model through the editing software.

3D Builder is commonly used to print trophies, busts, and other model awards, so there’s a specific feature dedicated to adding bases to models.

By connecting Windows 3D Builder to the compatible 3D Scanning app, you can even take scans of yourself and others and print them in full color! The possibilities are endless.

Of course, when you’re done with editing, you can send files straight to your printer for a physical copy.

Who Should Get Windows 3D Builder?

Windows 3D Builder, as we’ve mentioned, is a versatile piece of software that’s widely accessible. Based on this, the answer to ‘who should get Windows 3D Builder’ is basically: anyone who wants to use it!

Most people who use Windows 3D Builder are creatives either in a professional or hobby capacity. Whether you’re a graphic designer with an idea you want to showcase in 3D format or you simply enjoy creating 3D designs in your free time, Windows 3D Builder is for you.

There are no requirements other than an interest in 3D design and basic computer literacy.

The minimum age limit for Windows 3D Builder is 3 years, so this is a child-friendly program. If you’re a parent with a child who is interested in exploring the art of 3D modeling and design in general, Windows 3D Builder is a good place to start.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Windows 3D Builder Free?

Windows 3D Builder is free to download and install, meaning that there is no upfront payment required.

Additionally, 3D Builder does not charge users for any of the tools or services accessible through the software, so you don’t have to worry about sneaky in-app purchases, either.

Essentially, Windows 3D Builder is a completely free solution to 3D design and printing.

Do I Really Need Windows 3D Builder?

Windows 3D Builder isn’t a necessity for 3D designing and printing by any means, but it certainly helps.

There are other 3D design software programs out there that you can use if you prefer.

However, if you’re looking for a beginner-friendly, free program that will allow you to create designs from scratch in addition to more advanced features such as body scanning (through the app), Windows 3D Builder might be your best option.

Can I Use Windows 3D Builder On Windows 7?

No, Windows 3D Builder will not work on Windows 7 because it has been designed to work with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. If you want to use Windows 3D Builder, you’ll need to move to one of these systems first.

Does Windows 3D Builder Work On A Laptop?

Yes, you should have no problems running Windows 3D Builder on a laptop as long as it runs on Windows 10 or Windows 8.1.

Final Thoughts

To summarize the information we’ve covered in this article, Windows 3D Builder is a program created by Microsoft that allows for the creation, editing, and printing of 3D designs.

Windows 3D Builder is free, available in 60+ languages, and suitable for ages 3 and over. It offers editing features including basic shape-based model building and tools that turn pictures and scans into 3D models.

If you’re somebody with an interest in 3D modeling or even a professional with a project that requires a 3D design, we recommend trying out Windows 3D Builder.

Michael Moore