What Can You Make With A 3D Printer At Home?

3D printing is definitely an iconic example of the modern area, and on how technology can be applied to everyday life in order to fulfill different needs. Although…did you know that 3d printing has actually been around since the 1980s? Yeah, it’s not actually that new. However, it isn’t until recently that 3d printing has become something more widespread and accessible, which is why it kinda feels like something new.

Truth is, now that 3D printing has been perfected and is a lot more widespread, it has become increasingly popular amongst average people, who now have access to 3D printers designed for at-home usage. So more and more people now have their very own small 3D printer at home, to use how they wish!

You yourself might be tempted to get yourself a 3D printer for at-home use. But you might also be wondering what the hell you could make with a 3D printer at home. What sort of things would you print out, and for what? Is it actually going to be useful for you, or just a waste?

Well, you can do whatever you want with a 3d printer (within its limits), so it’s completely up to you. But just to answer the questions, we’ll go through some of the main at-home uses a 3d printer can have, and we’ll throw in some 3d printing project ideas.

Let’s get right into it!

Main Uses For A 3D Printer At Home

Okay, first of all, let’s go through some of the main uses you can give a 3D printer at home, in the general kind of sense, so that you get an idea.

Here are the main uses we could come up with (but there are probably more):

3D Printing Items For Practical Use

3D printers are amazing for printing out all sorts of practical items that you might need around the house. For example, some small tools that you forgot to get at the hardware store, or similar!

From hooks, to bag clips, to bottle openers, to cable holders or key chains, and more!

All sorts of small items that you need in your home or everyday life, that you would usually buy at a store or online, you could potentially just create them yourself with the 3D printer, and they will be just as good!

3D Printing Items For Comfort

Similarly to how you can easily 3D print small items that are necessary for the functionality of your home or everyday life, you can also design, and 3D print out, small items or accessories that make your life easier.
Plus, if you don’t want to have to design the 3D models yourself, you can go online and buy some 3D files, as there are plenty of people that will sell their 3D patterns for a very accessible price.

3D Printing Home Decor And Accessories

Do you want a flower pot? 3D print one out. Do you want a specific figurine of a character that you like, to put on your mantelpiece? 3D print one out. Seriously, the possibilities are endless. You can use a 3D printer to print out all sorts of figures, decorative accessories, and more, that you can then have around your house.

You can either design these yourself, by creating your very own 3D model, or you could buy some 3D files from online stores. And trust us, there are plenty around!

3D Printing Wearable Accessories For Costumes

Do you know how professional cosplayers (people who dress up as characters for a living) always seem to have the best pieces of armor, and the best accessories that look just like the source media? Well, that’s because a lot of them have 3D printers that they can use to create these.

Traditionally, you would create most of the costume accessories with foam, or wood, or similar. But with a 3D printer, all you need is a good 3D model, the necessary material, and to press go on the printer! Makes it a lot easier, and the results are a lot more professional.

3D Printing Items As A Small Side Business

Some people have created a small side business by selling items that they create with their 3D printer, or by designing 3D models. Some will even provide a service to print out 3D files that the customer sends over. So potentially having your very own 3D printer at home could prove to be an advantageous business opportunity!

3D Printing Ideas For Your At-Home 3D Printer

If you want to try out your 3D printer, and aren’t sure what to make with it, we can help you out by providing you with some 3D printing project ideas, for you to create. In fact, we’ll take it one step further, and make most of our suggestions practical items that can be used in everyday life!

Here are some of our favorite things to make with a 3D printer at home:

  • A phone stand (so that you can keep your phone in a safe place, and also so that you can watch your phone screen without having to hold it!)
  • Cable savers
  • Earphone cases
  • Cable spools
  • A bag clip
  • A fruit juicer
  • Coasters
  • A bottle opener
  • A pencil holder (or any sort of stationary pot or holder, really)
  • Measuring spoons (perfect for cooking!)
  • A jewelry stand (you could make this a unique design)
  • A plastic bag handle (as in a small handle that you slip onto the bag handles so that they don’t hurt your hands when you’re carrying the shopping!)
  • And more! (Seriously, the possibilities are endless)

Final Thoughts

Basically, as a summary, the conclusion is that you can pretty much make anything you want with a 3D printer at home. That is, as long as it is within the limits and capabilities of the 3D printer, the size it can create at, and the materials it makes use of.

From practical tools, to fun accessories, to costume pieces or home decor…the limit is your imagination. As long as you can create a functional 3D model file for your 3D printer to interpret, you will be able to bring it to life as a 3D item.

Michael Moore