The Best Wholesale Sublimation T-Shirt Blanks Suppliers

Whether you’re starting your very own business selling custom t-shirts, or you simply want to try your hand at something new creatively, to start out in the t-shirt printing world you need to find a supplier that can provide you with the highest quality t-shirt blanks at a great price.

The Best Wholesale Sublimation T-Shirt Blanks Suppliers

While you would think it would be easy to find a reliable supplier that offers everything you need, due to the overwhelming demand, there are hundreds, if not thousands of suppliers to choose from.

Each supplier has different options that vary in quality, color, and price, making it harder to pick the best one.

Luckily for you, we’re here to help. To help you find the best wholesale sublimation t-shirt blanks supplier, we’ve done the research and compiled a list of the very best.

In this article, we’ll show you what each supplier offers and any pros and cons you should be aware of.

If you’re looking for the best wholesale sublimation t-shirt blanks suppliers, we have something for you, so make sure you read our list to learn more!

Royal Apparel

Royal Apparel

First up, we have Royal Apparel. Shipping all over the United States and across Europe, Royal Apparel is a US wholesaler that specializes in the sale of high-quality polyester sublimation t-shirts.

With impressive reviews across the board, this wholesaler is best known for its fantastic customer service, affordable prices, quality garments, and quick delivery.

Royal Apparel’s 100%, super-soft polyester fabrics are perfect for sublimation dyeing and most customizations.

Less expensive than other wholesalers the market has to offer, Royal Apparel has a very large selection to choose from.

Aside from t-shirts, Royal Apparel sells sleeves, sweatshirts, activewear, tanks, and more.

In regards to the t-shirt blanks Royal Apparel offers, they are well-made, feature a classic cut, come in a range of different colors, and an array of sizes.

With free shipping included, what’s not to like.


  • Free Shipping – You won’t be asked to pay any shipping fees.
  • Good Quality – Each t-shirt is made from super-soft, 100% polyester.
  • Variety – Royal Apparel has a wide product range to choose from.


  • Can Get Pricey – Users have noted that some products on Royal Apparel’s website are quite expensive.

Shirt Space

Shirt Space

Shirt Space is an apparel wholesaler based in the Pacific Northwest. If you’re looking for a large selection of high-quality products, check them out!

Shirt Space’s large selection mainly consists of high-quality t-shirt blanks made from 100% polyester. These t-shirts are perfect for sublimation printing.

You don’t need to worry about the quality of products on offer from Shirt Space either, as most of their cotton-based apparel supplies come from popular brands like Augusta Sportswear, Gildan, and American Apparel. If that doesn’t guarantee the quality, we don’t know what does.

Like Royal Apparel, Shirt Space is best known for its affordable prices, amazing customer service, fast shipping, and range of options.

In terms of options, this wholesaler has an extensive product list of t-shirts, available for men, women, and children. These t-shirts come in a range of sizes and plenty of vibrant colors.

We love how Shirt Space has no minimum orders, 45-day returns, and International shipping.


  • No Minimum Orders – Try before you buy in bulk.
  • Drop-Shipping Options – Shirt Space has drop shipping options.
  • Large Selection – There are many options to choose from.


  • Faster Shipping Isn’t Reliable – Some reviewers have noted that paying for faster delivery doesn’t necessarily mean your order arrives quicker.



Next on our list is ApparelInBags. Located in Florida, ApparelInBags specializes in a wide range of different products that are all perfect for embroidery, screen printing, and sublimation printing.

Of all their products, blank t-shirts are their most popular. The t-shirts on offer come from some of the best American brands. This includes tees from Augusta Sportswear, Gildan, and American Apparel.

ApparelInBags t-shirts are available in a number of different colors, sizes, and styles, giving you the best chance to find what you need.

In terms of sizes, XS, S, M, L, and XL are all available. In fact, there are sizing options available from 1 year+ to over 18.

Offering fast shipping, great customer service, and high-quality merchandise, ApparelInBags also sells caps, workwear, activewear, sweats, and hoodies to name just a few.

As if all that wasn’t enough, ApparelInBags offers an excellent printing service that allows you to customize your tees without the hassle of doing it yourself.


  • Custom Printing Services – ApparelInBags will customize your t-shirts for you.
  • Fast Delivery – Orders from California will arrive in just 2 days.
  • Wide Range Of Products – ApparelInBags don’t just sell tees.


  • Short Returns – All returns must be made within 21 days.

TSC Apparel

TSC Apparel

As far as reviews go, TSC Apparel has some of the very best. With an overall score of 4.9 from over 1,000 reviews, most TSC Apparel customers love the wholesaler for its great prices, impressive products, brilliant customer service, and super-fast delivery.

Personally, we love this wholesaler for its high-quality, 100% polyester sublimation t-shirts.

The biggest distributor of American Apparel bulk, TSC Apparel supplies businesses and creatives with blank tees and activewear suitable for any custom printing method.

When it comes to variety, TSC Apparel is hard to beat. There are a whopping 1,800 different styles of tees, headwear, outerwear, fleece, sports shirts, and accessories to choose from. The wholesaler also exclusively distributes Tultex.

Available in a wide range of sizes and colors, all of TSC Apparel’s tees are ideal for sublimation printing, so why not give them a try. If we haven’t already tempted you, maybe the thought of 2-day delivery may persuade you.


  • Incredibly Fast Delivery – TSC Apparel delivers across the United States in just two days.
  • Large Selection – There are over 1,800 different styles to choose from.
  • International Shipping – TSC Apparel also ships Internationally.


  • Too Much Choice – If anything, we might have too many options to choose from.



With a name like T-shirtwholesaler, this company was always going to be one of the best when it came to supplying businesses and individuals with high-quality t-shirt blanks.

With a strong reputation for providing fast, reliable delivery of high-quality products and excellent customer service, T-shirtwholesaler has to be one of the places you check out.

The company’s 100% polyester t-shirts can be bought at a super fair price and shipped anywhere across the US and abroad in no time.

Upon checking the T-shirtwholesaler website out, you’ll find t-shirt blanks from popular brands such as Gildan, Augusta Sportswear, Ultraclub, and Team 365.

This gives you a much better chance of finding blanks made from the best fabrics on the market.

We found the t-shirts sold by this wholesaler to be durable enough to handle the heat from a heat press.

We were also pleased with the range of sizes on offer and the colors available. T-shirts are available in sizes S, M, XL, 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL.


  • No Minimum Order – See what you think before ordering in bulk.
  • High-Quality – This wholesaler’s products come from the best brands.
  • Withstands Heat – Your T-shirtwholesaler tees can withstand the heat from a heat press.


  • Strict Returns Policy – You can’t return your order after 30 days.



The next wholesaler on our list may seem like a strange one, but if you’re looking to start your sublimation printing journey, it could be the best place to look.

Beginners just learning the ropes or simply wanting to give custom t-shirts a try don’t necessarily want to order in bulk.

They may also wish to try a number of different wholesalers at once to see who they like more. That’s where Amazon comes in super useful.

Amazon is an online marketplace that sells sublimation blanks at varying prices from a wide variety of different retailers. With special discounts and a competitive market, you can easily pick yourself up some bargains.

Another great thing about Amazon is that you’ll find hugely popular brands like Hanes, Conde, and Gildan selling high-quality, 100% polyester tees.

We also find Amazon to be a great place to find inspiration for other printing ideas. Aside from clothing, you’ll find a wide range of interesting products you can print on. This could include cups, towels, keychains, and phone cases.


  • Low Prices – Some of the lowest prices can be found on Amazon.
  • Free Shipping – Free shipping comes with a lot of Amazon orders.
  • 100% Refunds – Most Amazon orders are fully refundable.


  • Not Specific – Searches will show up other results that might not relate.



Based in Canada and the United States, JiffyShirts has a strong reputation when it comes to supplying printing businesses with high-quality blank t-shirts at a low cost.

With no minimum orders, discounted prices, quick delivery, and a wide selection of styles, colors, and materials to choose from, JiffyShirts has something for everyone.

When we used a selection of tees from JiffyShirts, we were impressed with the overall quality.

The 100% polyester tees were super-soft, almost feeling like cotton, thin and comfortable to wear, and versatile when it came to printing.

The t-shirts are ideal for dye-sublimation printing, vinyl transfers, and screen printing. We also found that prints don’t fade or wash out over time.

JiffyShirts doesn’t just sell t-shirt blanks either. They also sell sweatshirts, pants, shorts, polo shirts, dress shirts, hats, jackets, bags, aprons, towels, blankets, and high viz jackets.

This could come in particularly useful for businesses looking to branch out into other industries.


  • Fast Delivery – Your order should arrive in just 1 to 2 days.
  • 100-Day Returns – JiffyShirts accepts returns for up to 100 days.
  • No Minimum Orders – Order as much or as little as you want.


  • Delivery Difficulties – Some customers have raised concerns about deliveries in some locations.

Blank Apparel

Blank Apparel

Next up, we have Blank Apparel. As far as bulk t-shirts perfect for sublimation printing go, this wholesaler takes some beating.

Selling an incredibly large range of t-shirts, tank tops, hats, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, pants, and shorts, Blank Apparel is one of the best wholesalers on the market in regards to price, customer service, fast delivery, and overall quality.

You can easily print your own style, logo, or pattern on the 100% polyester t-shirts without having to worry about damaging the fabric or your design washing off. When we took a closer look, we also found that printing doesn’t fade away over time.

Running regular discounts on already reasonable products, Blank Apparel also has no minimum order policy. This is again good for those of you that are just starting out or want to sample the products before making a bigger purchase.

The tees on sale via the Blank Apparel website are all from popular brands like Gildan and American Apparel too, so quality can be guaranteed.


  • No Minimum Orders – Order the amount that suits your business.
  • Great Product Range – There are plenty of options to choose from.
  • Popular Brands – Tees come from popular brands such as Gildan and American Apparel.


  • 30-Day Return – You only have 30 days to return your order.

Polyester Clothing

Polyester Clothing

Specializing in the sale of polyester garments and t-shirts, Polyester Clothing is the final wholesaler on our list.

If you’re looking for baby clothing to print on, this wholesaler could be your best choice. They do have a wide range of adult and child t-shirts too, but when it comes to baby clothes and tees, they excel.

Most of Polyester Clothing’s customers love the wholesaler for its high-quality garments, top-tier service, and reliable shipping. We tend to agree with these customers as the service and products we received were fantastic.

The fabrics this wholesaler sells are either 100% polyester-based or 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

We recommend 100% polyester products for vibrant designs and 65% polyester products for more vintage, retro designs.

If you’re not interested in baby tees, don’t worry, the wholesaler can also supply you with child and adult t-shirts, onesies, gowns, and socks.


  • Baby Tees Available – Polyester Clothing sells baby t-shirts.
  • Fairly Priced – This wholesaler has competitive prices.
  • Free Shipping – Free shipping is available for orders over $300.


  • Smaller Range – Compared to other wholesalers, Polyester Clothing has a much smaller product range.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Supplier

There are a number of important factors to take into consideration if you want to make the best decision possible when it comes to choosing the best wholesaler.

To help you out, we’ve listed these important factors below:

Warehouse Location

If you’re running a business and need fast delivery, it might be a good idea to choose a wholesaler that has a warehouse nearby. This will ensure your deliveries arrive quickly and ready for printing.

Delivery Time

With that being said, it is absolutely essential that you use a wholesaler that offers fast delivery.

Most wholesalers ship your order on the same day, doing all they can to guarantee 1 to 2-day delivery. However, others take up to 6 days to send you your order. If you need your orders fast, avoid these wholesalers.

Minimum Order

Some wholesalers have a minimum amount of stock you have to buy. This is absolutely fine for those of you that buy in large quantities, but if you have a smaller business or want to sample a product before committing to a larger order, you’re out of luck.

In our opinion, if you don’t want to buy large quantities of stock, you should use a wholesaler that has no minimum order requirements.


It’s always a good idea to buy from a reputable supplier. That way, you can ensure that all the products you buy are up to standard and will arrive on time. You can check how reputable a wholesaler is by reading reviews and checking ratings.

Return Policy

You should always check the return policy before making a purchase. Some wholesalers give you up to 100 days to return your products, whilst others only give you 14 days.

The longer the returns policy is, the more cover you have if any of the products you receive aren’t up to scratch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Selling Vintage Line T-Shirts?

When it comes to the best sellers of vintage line shirts, Alternative Apparel, Continental Clothing, and American Apparel are the best.

Do I Need A Sales Tax ID To Sell T-Shirts?

Yes, to sell products legally within your state you must first get yourself a tax ID. This is because you must pay and collect sales tax.

What Are The Best Selling Sweatshirts?

Gildan and Hanes are generally the best sellers when it comes to sweatshirts, so be sure to take a look at the options they have to offer first.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, a list of the best wholesale sublimation t-shirt blank suppliers.

Anyone looking to start their own business or try sublimation printing for the first time needs the help of a reliable wholesaler that sells high-quality t-shirts at a reasonable price to do it.

While the large number of wholesalers might make it hard to find the best one for what you need, in this article we have done all we can to make the decision easier.

We have shown you the best wholesalers on the market, looking at everything they offer and any pros and cons you should be aware of.

We’ve even provided you with some important things to think about when deciding which wholesaler to use.

Now all you have to do is narrow the list down until you’ve found the wholesaler that suits your needs and requirements best.

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