Onefinity CNC Review

Onefinity CNC Review – Is This The Best CNC Machine For Your Home Shop?

If you want to build something from scratch or upgrade your current machine, then you should consider buying a CNC machine.

These machines allow you to cut, drill, mill, engrave and shape metal using computer numerical control (CNC). They also come with various accessories such as drills, saws, lathes, etc.

Onefinity CNC Review

The Onefinity CNC is an affordable yet powerful CNC router that can be used by both hobbyists and professionals alike.

It has been designed to make the process of building things easier than ever before. With this tool, you will have everything you need to create custom parts in no time at all.

What Is Onefinity CNC?

Onefinity CNC says that Onefinity CNC router is a brand-new entrance into the hobbyist CNC market. This machine is very easy to use and has many features which make it perfect for woodworking enthusiasts.

It also has a unique design which makes it stand out among its competitors. The X-50 variant uses an 18 mm x 50 mm cylindrical shaft, while the other X-35 style variant uses an 18 mm x 35 mm cylindrical shaft.

Woodworkers CNC is a great machine because it’s extremely customizable, which means that you can buy everything from the linear motion parts to the frame, and stepper-style motors to the electronics for the machine and the controller.

The company’s X-35 model without its controller and its interface is more cost-effective, while the same style of configuration costs more for the company’s X-50 model. 

What Are The Dimensions Of The Onefinity CNC?

The Onefinity Woodworkers are great tools for woodworking. They both come with a cutting area of roughly 32 1/2″x32 1/2″ x 5 1/4″, and an exact footprint of roughly 46″x45″.

There are two main sides of the tools work bed that are open, meaning you can actually slide an exact piece of up to 5″ thick material into them. These machines can cut workpieces of up to 5″ in thickness.

What Is The Material Capacity For Onefinity CNC?

This CNC machine can make intricate carvings out of wood or plastic. It can also be used as a 3D modeling tool. It is a powerful CNC machine that can easily mill aluminum, but it’s not very accurate.

It can actually mill Aluminum of 6061 (aluminum) at a 100 ipm rate of 04″ depth of cut, it does this by using a makita router.

Aluminum is the most commonly used metal in the world today. Surfacing this aluminum is actually even faster compared to other materials at 275 ipms at roughly 0.015″ depth of cut.

It can easily beat the other types of materials such as the Shapeoko Pro and even the X Carve Pro without a doubt when compared to the material capabilities.

Frames Of The Onefinity CNC

This machine is made of metal and doesn’t require any maintenance. The woodworking machine comes with a 3D printer.

There are two versions of this machine, one with work style tables and another without. Both are priced similarly, but the version without the worktable comes out cheaper. You’re free to make a work-style bed of any size you want.

All three of the axes on the Woodwork are actually driven by a mechanism known as a ball screw. The X and the Y axes tend to use a small 16 mm type of ball screw, and when it comes to the z-axis, it uses a smaller 12 mm type of ball screw.

One downside to making use of the ball screw is that you may need to lube it occasionally to maintain its smoothness, however, this isn’t a hard task.

Ball screw style mechanisms don’t have many backlash errors at all when we compare them to lead style screw drives. They offer excellent and up to standard accuracy and even resolution when compared to the belt drives.

The Woodworker is an excellent woodworking machine. It cuts very well, and it is easy to use. It has great speed and accuracy. It is made of metal and plastic.

What Electronics Does The Onefinity CNC Use?

Stepper motors are used to move the X, Y-axis of the machine. This makes sure that the axis moves smoothly without any jerks or jolts. The controllers are capable of producing 256 micro-steps per second. This makes sure that there is no delay in movement.

The machine uses a robot that is controlled by a Raspberry Pi board, it is actually described as a computer in itself, this is why you do not need another computer for processing or controlling this robot.

It can actually control up to around 4 axes and this machine has integrated stepper motors, all of them are placed inside a metallic case.

The driver itself can even handle up to we think 6 A per motor at roughly 12 -36V DC, this means you could even upgrade your motors. Onefinity CNC is an easy-to-use software for controlling your machining center.

You can easily connect your own computer to this with an Ethernet cable.

You can also connect the controller directly to your network and try to access it wirelessly through your computer or smartphone. It works even if there is more than one Onefinity CNC in the shop.

A controller box with a red e-stop style button on the top can even be used to try to stop CNC in the case of an emergency. 

This controller even has a breakout-style board connector that allows you to add extra functionality. It also has 4 USB ports, 1 HDMI port, 1 DB25 port, and 1 Ethernet port.

How Do You Assemble It?

The Onefinity is a woodworking machine that comes with pre-assembled parts and takes less than an hour to set up. The electronics components are easy to install, and there is no time needed to assemble them.

Onefinity does not include a waste board in the box. You’ll need to make your own waste board using the instructions provided by Onefinity.

Onefinity uses the same software as Shapeoko, but it doesn’t come with anything pre-installed. You need to install Carbide Create yourself if you want to use it.

Shapeoko comes with software and Carbide Create.  There are many ways to edit your work, such as adding different materials, changing colors, etc. Onefinity has released an easy-to-follow video tutorial on how to use Carbide take with their machine.

Which Is The Best Cnc For Beginners In The Field?

The best beginner machine is probably the Onefinity, because it’s easy to put together, and the instructions are clear and concise.

A lot of people think that assembling these machines is hard work. But if you’ve done it once, you’ll be surprised how easy it really is. Here’s the total average time to put them together from unboxing to complete assembly.

The assembly guides and videos for the Onefinity are very easy to follow. It should take around 13 minutes or so to do so! There are many pictures and diagrams included in the manual.

The assembly video for the Onefinity is short and easy to understand. The assembly video for Shapeoko looks like it was made by someone who didn’t know what they were doing.

The assembly video for Millwright Mega V looks like it was made for people who already knew how to put the parts together. The assembly video for X-carver seems to be a combination of both.

What Is The Difference Between The Onefinity And Other CNC Machines?

The Onefinity costs more than the Shapeoko, but it is faster because it uses ball screws instead of belts. The Shapeoko provides an upgrade for the z-axis ball screw by adding another belt.

This allows the user to move the tool along the z-axis without having to remove the tool from the machine. Onefinity uses linear motion, sealed bearings, and the Shapeoko uses plastic V wheels.

Both machines come with z dependent dust boots. The Onefinity has a larger cutting area than the Shapeoko. Onefinity costs more than Shapeoko.

Onefinity has a lot more features than Shapeoko. Shapeoko doesn’t have as many features as Onefinity. Onefinity works well with computers, but Shapeoko works better with phones and tablets.

Onefinity has a touch screen monitor, while Shapeoko has no such thing. Onefinity is controllable by any device, while Shapeoko is only controllable by a computer.

Onefinity supports plug-and-play webcams, while Shapeoko doesn’t. Onefinity is faster than Shapeoko because it doesn’t need to be cut out by hand.

Both machines take a long time to assemble, but Onefinity is much harder to put together than Shapeoko. Onefinity requires more tools than Shapeoko, and it needs to be cut by hand before it can be used. Onefinity is modular and easy to move around.

Shapeoko is bulky and hard to move. Onefinity’s design can be hung up on walls. Shapeoko doesn’t hang on walls. Onefinity’s lead time is longer than Shapeoko’s. Onefinity’s machines ship faster than Shapeoko’s.

While both machines share many similar characteristics, there are also some differences. For example, the Onefinity CNC uses a different type of motor than the Shapeoko CNC.

The Onefinity CNC uses a 3-axis spindle, while the Shapeoko CNC uses a 2-axis spindle. The Onefinity has a larger footprint than the Shapeoko. The Onefinity uses a 4×4 table, while the Shapeoko uses a 5×5 table.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a low-cost way to make your own custom furniture, then Onefinity might be right for you. If you want something that will allow you to create complex shapes, then Shapeoko may be right for you. 

Either way, these machines are spectacular, and we love how Onefinity functions!

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