How To Undo In Procreate

Procreate is a powerful drawing app for the iPad. It allows you to create beautiful artwork without having to worry about technical details.

The app has a simple interface and intuitive tools that allow you to draw, paint, sketch, color, and even animate.

Procreate is a great tool for creating art, but sometimes you want to go back and change something.

If you accidentally delete a layer or move something around, you can easily undo those changes. 

But how do you do this? It can sometimes be tricky to navigate Procreate, especially if you are new to the software. Before long you find yourself stressed, unsure where to turn, and worried that your work is lost forever!

Well, no more! We are here to help and have put together this useful guide to help you ‘Undo’ in Procreate. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is Procreate?

How To Undo In Procreate

Procreate is an easy-to-use drawing app for the iPad. You can use it to create beautiful artwork, or just play with your ideas. It’s perfect for anyone looking to get creative on their iPad.

You can use Procreate to draw freehand or trace over pre-made shapes as well as sketching and adding colors to your drawings.

You have a choice of different paint brushes, pencils, and markers to create various textures, and you can add text and animation effects. 

It is easy to save your work as a PDF file, and then share your creations via email, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites.

You can also export your artwork into Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Keynote, PowerPoint, Pages, and many other popular programs.

How To Undo In Procreate

Undoing actions in Procreate is very straightforward. 

Just tap the Undo button at the top left corner of the screen. This will bring up a menu where you can choose between Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete.

Simply press undo and as if by magic, your last steps will be undone! This will retrieve any work you just deleted or a stroke that you wish to remove. You can edit and continue with your work in peace!

What Are Gestures In Procreate?

Gestures are shortcuts that are used to control certain parts of the app. You can do things like zoom in and out, rotate the canvas, erase, duplicate layers, or select objects using gestures.

There is a range of different gestures,  for lots of different actions. 

You can customize the gestures to suit your own needs. This can help you to work faster and more efficiently. Click on the wrench symbol to gain access to the actions menu.

From here, you can click on the preferences button and then choose ‘gesture controls’. This will give you lots of different options for customizing the gestures.

You can apply gestures to any setting – assisted drawing, eraser, adding text boxes, copy and pasting. 

If you spend some time setting up gestures that work for you then it will improve your overall experience of using Procreate. However, you should be aware that the gestures for undo and redo are not customizable.

Some of the gestures might not need customizing- like pinch to zoom and pinch and twist to rotate – these already make sense to most people and fit in with how to navigate other touch screen devices. 

If you want to learn the gestures that are already in place on Procreate rather than making your own then you can do this in the gesture glossary. This will also give you a list of all of the gesture combinations that are available to use. 

What Is The Single Touch Gestures Companion? 

The gestures are designed to make it easy and convenient to use Procreate, as you don’t need to dip in and out of a menu bar to carry out different actions.

However, this can be simplified even further with the Single Touch Gestures Companion. This is a small toolbar that is visible on your screen and has buttons for undo, redo, copy, paste and delete -the most commonly used functions. 

Activating the single touch gestures companion to make use of this innovative feature is very easy. Simply go to your global IPad settings and click on Procreate.

It will give you the option to turn on Single Touch Gestures Companion using a toggle.

This means that the Single Touch Gestures Companion will always be displayed on your screen when you are using Procreate unless you go back into your settings and turn off the toggle. 

How Do You Use Gestures To Undo In Procurement? 

If you have the Single Touch Gestures Companion activated, then you can simply click on the undo button that is displayed on the companion toolbar. 

If you have not activated single touch gestures then you can still use a gesture to undo. A double finger tap on the screen is the gesture for ‘Undo’.

If you want to undo multiple actions, hold down on the screen with two fingers. 

To ‘Redo’, use a three-finger tap, or hold down on the screen with three fingers to redo multiple actions. You can undo or redo up to 250 changes to your canvas on Procreate. 

Will ‘Undo’ Work For Un-merging Layers?

The undo action will be able to un-merge layers in Procreate as long as you have remained on that particular canvas.

If you merge layers and then return to the main gallery or close and re-open the application, then those layers can no longer be unmerged. 

You need to take extra care when merging layers on Procreate. Do not merge the layers unless you are sure that it is what you want to do.

If possible, try to resist merging your layers until you are nearing the end of your project as this leaves you with more options and you can change your mind about certain aspects of the design. 

How To Add A Layer On Procreate

Using layers is very helpful as it allows you to check what new additions to your canvas will look like without actually having to change the layer that you are working on. 

To add a layer, go to the layer options and click on ‘two sheets’. This will add a layer to your canvas. You can draw on this layer to see what it looks like and whether you like the changes.

If you don’t like how it looks, simply delete the new layer. If you are happy with the changes then you can merge the two layers to incorporate the new layers onto your canvas. 

As stated earlier, only merge the layers if you are certain that it is what you want to do. If you accidentally close the app or return to the gallery then you won’t be able to undo it and the layers will remain merged. 

How Can You Undo After Closing The Procreate App?

As with many other creative applications or word processing applications, Procreate does not remember which changes were made last once the application has closed.

That means that if you close the application and then re-open the canvas you were working on, you won’t be able to undo your last action. You can only undo actions that have been completed during that session. 

If you want to have more freedom to undo, redo, and make adjustments to your canvas across multiple sessions then there is a way.

You need to save versions of your canvas after each change, so you can go back to your project at different points. However, this will take up a lot of memory on your device or in your online storage. 


As you can see, undoing and redoing actions in Procreate is very simple. There are multiple ways to complete these actions depending on whether you use gestures or single gestures.

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