How To Print Then Cut On Cricut

Cricut is a very useful software that allows you to create lots of different pictures, stickers, and much more. It is easy to use, but if you aren’t used to it then you might find it quite daunting. 

It can be overwhelming to try to navigate, putting us off using our Cricut machines. Soon, they start to gather dust and all hopes of our small business dreams are crushed under the weight of our failures to understand a Cricut machine.

But, no more! If you want to create things like stickers and printables then you will need to use the print and cut setting.

If you aren’t sure what this is or how to use it then keep reading. We have put together this helpful guide which will tell you everything you need to know. 

What Is Cricut?

How to Print Then Cut On Cricut

Cricut is an online tool for creating all kinds of designs such as logos, banners, business cards, etc. You can also make your unique designs by using the templates provided in the app.

The best thing about these templates is that they are free! 

You can choose from hundreds of different fonts, colors, and sizes to design your perfect sticker. The best part about Cricut is that once you’ve designed something you can easily share it with friends and family via social media.

What Is The ‘Print Then Cut’ Setting?

The ‘Print then Cut’ setting is very useful when it comes to creating stickers, printables, and other kinds of images. It prints out your designs and then cuts around them.

This means that you don’t have to do the fiddly work of cutting out your designs yourself, and it will be much more precise. 

Specifications For Using The ‘Print Then Cut’ Setting

If you want to use the ‘Print then Cut’ setting you will need to make sure that your project or creation meets the required specifications first. 

The size of your design is important, as you can ‘Print then Cut’ anything other than 9.25 inches by 6.75 inches. You will need to use paper that is 8.5 inches by 11 inches.

There is no option to adjust the paper size for ‘Print then Cut’ so you must make sure that you check the size of your paper. 

You will also need to check what the machine is capable of doing. The Cricut Joy doesn’t support the ‘Print then cut’ function.

The Cricut Explore machines can ‘Print then cut’ but only on matte white paper – not glossy or reflective paper.

However, the Cricut Maker has a more powerful sensor than the other machines. This means that you can use ‘Print and Cut’ on matte or glossy and reflective paper. 

It does have some limitations, as the sensor will struggle to detect very dark colors or busy patterns to cut them out precisely. 

What Images Can You Use The ‘Print then Cut’ Feature On?

There are lots of options for images that you can print then cut using Cricut. You can also use this function for text that you create in Design Space, filled shapes, uploaded patterns, and many more.

Any image or art that you add to your canvas can be printed and then cut. However, the results will vary based on the capability of your machine. 

Here are the three main types of images that people use the Print then Cut function for, and some tips to make sure that you achieve your desired result. 

Images With A Solid Background

If you are using the ‘Print then Cut’ function on images with a solid background you need to remember that the sensor cannot differentiate between the background and the image.

This means that you will either need to delete the background or isolate the image that you want the machine to cut. 

Cricut can read the edges of any image, but not the content of that image, so you need to make it very clear what you want to be cut. It is easy to cut away a background using Cricut Design Space. 

Images With A Transparent Background

Images with transparent backgrounds are ideal for the ‘Print then Cut’ function. This is because the main image is already isolated from the background, which saves you from having to isolate the image yourself. 

One thing to look out for with these types of images is the quality. If the image is on a transparent background and you try to make the image bigger then you might lose some of the quality.

The image might appear pixelated. 

You will recognize an image with a transparent background on Cricut Design Space, as the background will show up as small gray and white squares. 

Vector Images

Vector images are the best option for using the ‘Print then Cut’ feature. You can resize them without losing any quality and there is no background to get rid of. 

These images are also called SVG files and often have ‘.svg’ after the file name. 

How Do You Use ‘Print Then Cut’? 

How to Print Then Cut On Cricut

Using the ‘Print then Cut’ feature is simple if you follow these easy steps. 

Step One – Upload Your Images

The first thing you need to do is upload the relevant images to Cricut Design Space. To download the image files that you need, you will need to be on a desktop computer or a laptop. 

More often than not, they will go straight into your download folder, where you can easily access them.

If the image opens in a new web page, simply right-click on it and choose ‘save image as’. This will let you choose where to save the image. 

Alternatively, you can use one of the many images that are readily available within Cricut Design Space.

There are over 100,000 images to choose from. Simply click on the images icon on the left side panel of the canvas. 

You use search terms to narrow down the images and find one that fits what you are looking for. There are also options for paid images, but you can filter to only search for free ones if you prefer. 

Once you have found an image that you like, select it, then choose ‘insert image’.

Step Two – Changes And Adjustments

This next step is where you can play around with the image to get it how you want it. You can adjust the size and you might even be able to adjust the color depending on which image you have used.

You can also layer it with filled shapes, text, additional images, or design features to customize it. 

If you want to add a shape, like a circle, click on the ‘shapes’ button which is found on the left panel of the canvas. Click on the shape that you want to use, and it will appear on your canvas.

From here, you can adjust the size and color of the shape. 

Step Three – Flatten

Before you can print then cut your design, you need to tell the machine that all of the elements you have added are part of the same item. This means that you need to merge all of the layers and components.

To do this, select all of the images and design elements and then click on the ‘flatten’ option on the bottom panel among the ‘layers’ options. 

Step Four – Make It!

Now, you are ready to make your design. Click on the ‘Make It’ button. It will then take you through the printing process where you can select ‘Print then Cut’ as an option. 


‘Print then Cut’ is a really useful and fun feature that is simple to use. Remember to check the paper size and type before you begin.

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