How To Personalize Water Bottles

How often do you see those cute personalized water bottles at the grocery store? They look great, but they also cost a pretty penny. What if I told you that you could create your very own custom water bottle for less than $1?

How To Personalize Water Bottles

Personalized water bottles are becoming more and more popular these days. They come in all shapes and sizes, from simple plastic cups to fancy stainless steel containers.

They can even be customized with a variety of designs and colors.

You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to get your hands on a personalized water bottle. In fact, you can easily create your own custom design using free software such as Adobe Illustrator.

DIY: How To Make Your Own Custom Water Bottle

Step 1: Select A Template

There’s no shortage of templates available online, many of them completely free. These templates were designed by artists who love their craft, so expect high-quality work. 

You can find plenty of other options too, including some that feature animals, characters and abstract art. Just make sure that whatever you choose has enough room for your message.

Step 2: Add Text

Once you’ve found a good template, add your text using the edit tool. This is usually located near the top left or right corner of the editing page.

Be careful not to place it too close to the edge of the image; otherwise, it may disappear when you print out the final product.

Once you’re happy with how everything looks, click “Print Preview” to preview what your final design will look like. If there are any issues with the font color or spacing, just adjust until things look right.

Step 3: Print

When printing is complete, carefully cut out each piece. You might want to use a pair of scissors or a utility knife to make the job easier. Also remember that the paper cuts easily. So handle the pieces gently while working.

Step 4: Fill It Up

Now that it’s time to fill your new DIY water bottle! The final step involves adding your favorite beverage. Congratulations! Now you have a beautiful custom water bottle that won’t break the bank.


It’s easy to put stickers on almost anything. From cars to clothes to books… even yourself. Here are 12 ways to customize water bottles with stickers.

1) Add stickers to a clear plastic cup.

2) Stick vinyl decals to a recycled soda bottle.

3) Use a permanent marker to write messages on a sticker.

8) Write quotes on stickers.

5) Glue a sticker onto a bottle cap.

6) Get creative and stick pictures to a roll of tape.

7) Make custom labels for reusable Mason jars.


For a fancier option, you can engrave initials or names on a metal bottle. You can get a professional to engrave directly onto the water bottle, too.

This is perfect for metal water bottles, since they’re often engraved with words like “Drink This” or people’s names. (If you don’t know what you want inscribed, ask the shopkeeper.)

To do this yourself, choose a font that fits the style of your message, print it out, and make sure it’s kept flat so that there aren’t any creases.

Cut out the letters, using the outline as a guide. Then, trace around the letters with a scalpel, sharpie or other craft tool. If you’re not comfortable cutting out letters, you could also find pre-made templates online.

Next, follow the template to engrave.

Mason Jar Labels

Mason Jar Labels

You can get many styles of mason jar labels online. Some come already attached to the jars. Others require screws or other tools. But don’t forget to buy a few extra if you’re planning on making a lot of these DIY water bottles!

Sticky Labels

For practical people, using sticky notes works best because they’ll stay put until removed. However, you can also use temporary tattoos, stamps, spray paint or chalk to create unique labels.

Water Bottle Covers

If you like having something pretty to look at when you pour some H20, consider getting one of these covers. They come in tons of fun designs, so pick one that catches your eye.

Fabric covers are super cheap, but you may prefer the feel of leather or plastic.

Paint It Yourself

If you really want to go all out, there are plenty of places that will cut your design right into your favorite type of water bottle. This is perfect if you want something simple, such as a logo.

If you’re feeling creative, why not try painting your own? Just remember: less is more.

A few splashes of color on a black background looks much better than a massive amount of vibrant color. Start small and work your way up!

Custom Printed Cups

These cups are ideal for parties. Fill them up with ice cubes and straws, then invite everyone over for a drink!

Professional Printing

You can get your design printed professionally, which is usually cheaper than printing at home. Find a local print shop and ask them what kind of equipment they use.

They should be able to help you pick the best option for your project.

Photo Stickers

It’s simple to get stickers made with your favorite photos on them. This is a great idea for kids’ birthday presents. Plus, it gives them something they can reuse later.


This is another fancy option. If you have a sewing machine, you can make your own embroidered water bottle cover. Otherwise, hire someone to do it for you.

Printing On Glass

Glass is a lot harder to print onto than regular paper. Depending on the type of glass you’re working with, this could take you a long time. But it can be worth it for big events, like weddings.

Fabric Spray Paint

Use fabric spray paint to create your own custom water bottle cover. Pick colors that complement your theme – for example, red for Valentine’s Day. Then just place the fabric around your water bottle, secure it and enjoy your new container.

Sticker Sheets

Sticker sheets are available everywhere from craft stores to office supply chains. You can stick your message onto anything from place mats to cardboard boxes. The possibilities are endless.

Sticker Practicalities

There are many ways to apply stickers. For example, you can use double-sided adhesive tape or glue dots. However, these methods aren’t always the most effective.

In fact, some people prefer using peel-and-stick vinyl because it sticks securely without leaving residue behind.

Water Bottle Size

The size of your water bottle will determine how many stickers you’ll need. Smaller bottles require fewer stickers, but if you go too far, the design may look messy.

Design Considerations

When designing your sticker, keep in mind that smaller designs look better. Also, avoid placing text over images unless you want to obscure part of the image. Finally, choose a font style that works well with your chosen design.

Design Tips

If you’re having trouble coming up with a unique design, consider trying one of these ideas:

  • Make a collage out of pictures you’ve taken.
  • Draw shapes or patterns on plain white paper.
  • Cut out words from magazines or newspapers.
  • Create a map of where you plan to travel.
  • Print out photos from social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • Use clip art.
  • Find free fonts online.
  • Look through old photo albums.
  • Collect objects around the house.
  • Go shopping!


If you’re thinking about personalizing water bottles, it might seem overwhelming at first. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

This article has listed tips, tricks and materials that you can use to achieve awesome results. Use them as inspiration to customize your next batch of labels.

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