How To Make Stickers With Cricut

Cricut machines are the perfect assistant for all creatives. With a Cricut, you can print customized cards, personalize a range of objects, and print stickers. 

Stickers have been popular since they were first made in 1935 by Stanton Avery. Sticker production has continued to evolve and stickers now come in different shapes and sizes as well as being suitable for use on different materials and fabrics. 

how to make stickers with cricut

With certain Cricut machines, you can now print your own, unique stickers in the comfort of your own home! Whether you sell your designs online, add them to objects around your home, or gift them to your friends, you can let your imagination roam free and watch your designs become stickers. 

In this guide, we go through what machines can support making stickers, as well as what you need, and the basic steps of making stickers with a Cricut. 

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What Cricut Machines Support Making Stickers

While all Cricut machines offer cutting features there are only a few machines that can be used to make stickers. The method of using Cricut machines to make stickers is called the Print Then Cut method and we outline this in the next section below. 

The Cricut Explore Air 2 and the Cricut Maker machines are the best to make stickers. Both of these machines are perfect to use for the Print Then Cut method. Machines such as the Cricut Joy cannot support sticker making. 

There are two different methods that can be used when making stickers using a Cricut machine. You can choose between the Print Then Cut method or design and print your stickers using solely Cricut Design Space software and your Cricut machines. Both methods are explained in detail below.

How To Make Stickers With Cricut Machines

The Print Then Cut Method

The Print Then Cut feature is great because it allows you to use your home printer to print your image and then use your Cricut machine to cut it out. All you need is a Cricut cutting device and an inkjet printer to make professional-level custom stickers at home! 

What you need:

  • Inkjet Printer
  • Inkjet Sticker Paper
  • Cricut Explore Air 2 or Maker machines


  1. Design your stickers on your computer using your usual design software, such as Procreate, Canva, or Microsoft Word. Save your file as a PNG. 
  2. Upload the PNG file to the Design Space software. To do so, open Design Space and click on ‘New Project’ followed by the ‘Upload’ button. Select your PNG to upload the image and import the design onto the software. When asked the image type select ‘Complex Image’ for the best results. Save the image as a ‘Print Then Cut image’ and press ‘Save’.
  3. You will have a blank canvas on your screen after completing the above uploading steps. Press ‘Insert Image’ to add your design to the canvas. Ensure that the sizing is correct, no larger than 6.75″ by 9.25″  
  4. Load Inkjet sticker paper into your Inkjet printer.
  5. Print your design through your Inkjet printer by clicking ‘Make It’ in the Design Space software, on the next screen press ‘Send To Printer.’
  6. Place your printed design onto the Cricut Sticky Mat.
  7. Place the sticky mat into your Cricut machine.
  8. You can manually cut your designs but remember to adjust the speed setting to avoid any errors or you can continue using the Design Space software which will automatically instruct the Cricut machine to cut your design to precision, simply press the ‘Cut’ button.
  9. Remove your stickers from the Cricut sticky mat and enjoy your new designs!

What Sticker Paper Is Needed

When shopping for sticker paper, look for a matte, full sheet sticker paper made specifically for Inkjet printers. 

Matte sticker paper for Inkjet printers is higher quality than other brands and is best to use, as Cricut sticker paper is often too thick for your printer. Some people have trouble getting Cricut brand sticker paper to go smoothly through their printer. 

You can also find glossy printables if you want a sticker with a little more water resistance. For even more durability, you can seal the sticker with a thin layer of UV-resistance sealer spray.

Useful Tips

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when setting up a Print Then Cut method sticker project.

Ensure the image size is no bigger than 6.75″ by 9.25. Anything larger will flag a warning message in the layers panel in the Design Space software.

Your image may look slightly blurry once printed, this is due to the bleed that Design Space adds to your template to aid in the cutting process. 

This blurry edge will be trimmed off during the cutting process. If you are making stickers with a white border you can choose to turn off the bleed

It is important that you place the printed sticker paper in the top left corner of the Cricut sticky mat. Ensure that the paper is flat and smooth to allow for more accurate cuts.

Designing Stickers Using Cricut Design Space

If you are comfortable creating your designs in a different software why not try making your stickers using the Design Space software, made specifically for Cricut machines? Below are the steps that you will need to follow to create stickers through the Cricut software.

Steps For Making & Printing Stickers Using Cricut Design Space

  1. Design your stickers in the Cricut Design Space software
  2. Once your design is complete select everything and then press ‘flatten’. This will make your template into a flat, printable design.
  3. Connect your computer to the Cricut machine that you have.
  4. All that is left to do is to load your Cricut sticker paper into your machine and press print. Watch as your beautiful designs begin to print out!

If you are new to designing stickers and not feeling too confident about designing something free-hand, why not sign up to the Cricut Access library? 

This will give you access to hundreds of images, shapes, and text options and is a great way to start creating your stickers. 

There is a monthly subscription fee for the Cricut Access library, but there are basic shapes and text options that come with the Design Space software if you would rather not pay for additional choices. 

What Sticker Paper Is Needed

When printing stickers using your Cricut machine you will have to use Cricut’s own brand sticker paper. This sticker paper is extra thick and the best to use with the machine to avoid any tearing during the cutting process. 

You can buy the sticker paper online on the Cricut website by clicking here. Sticker paper is available in a range of colors and you can also purchase sticker paper suitable for printing labels using the Cricut Joy. 

Final Thoughts

With two choices for making stickers with your Cricut machine, there is no reason why you can’t start designing and printing your own creations today. 

If you already use specific creative software on your computer you can continue to use this by printing stickers using the Print Then Cut method but if you are feeling extra creative why not try the Cricut Design Space?

 Personalize your children’s school books or objects in your home using your uniquely crafted stickers!

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