How To Make A Monogram On Cricut

Do you love the look of monograms and want to add them to some personalized gifts? If that’s the case, we are going to share all of our tips and methods to show you how to create a monogram with Cricut Design Space!

You can use this approach with practically any design software though, so if you don’t have Cricut then that’s not a problem. 

How To Make A Monogram On Cricut

Personalizing a project with a monogram is a fun and contemporary way to add a personal touch! Everything from coffee cups, wine glasses, caps, and shirts is available.

You could even come across some personalized car decals! Any type of item may be personalized with a monogram. 

Before you begin, you have to download Cricut Design Space if you don’t already have it, or any similar design software.  

While Cricut comes with a lot of free and paid-for designs, choosing one of these means that you will have limited control over the final product they generate.

Once you see how simple it is to create a monogram by hand, you will never want to make one any other way again.

How To Make A Monogram Using Cricut

Let’s dive straight into why you came here today and show you how to make a monogram using your Cricut machine. Simply follow the steps below to create your monogram with ease. 

Pick A Font

The first thing you have to do is choose the right font for the monogram. There will already be a few pre-downloaded onto Cricut, and you can pay for a few more on the software as well.

But if none of these are calling out to you, then you can externally download some fonts onto the software. 

There are many lists online showcasing the best fonts to use, such as this one, so you should be able to find a style that you love very easily. 

Open Cricut Design Space

Once you have found the right font for you, open Cricut Design Space to start the project. 

Type Initials 

Next, select the Text tool and begin by entering the first initial of the name that you are monogramming. 

After you’ve chosen a letter, you may choose a font from the Font drop-down menu in the top right corner of the screen.

Locate and choose the monogram font that you previously downloaded to your computer from the File menu. If required, change the font size of the letter.

Then, for each of the remaining letters, repeat the process once more. In the next window, select the Text tool and type the second initial of the monogram into the space provided.

(You will not be needed to make any changes to the font because it has already been selected.)

Finally, to enter the third initial, select the Text tool from the toolbar at the bottom. You will want to set each letter on its layer so that you will have the flexibility to rearrange and resize the letters as you see fit.

Resize The Initials

You may want to experiment with the size and placement of the letters in your monogram depending on the type of monogram you are creating.

If you are constructing a Traditional Monogram, you will want the middle initial to be somewhat larger than the first and third letters.

As an example, the center letter may be 3 inches tall, while the first and third letters would be 2.25 inches tall, though these sizes can be changed depending on your design choice.

Another option is to create a Block Monogram, in which all of the letters are the same size. 

Using your mouse, pick all of the letters and drag them together to align the initials. The Align drop-down option on the toolbar may be used to center the text vertically.

To achieve this, pick Center Vertically from the Align drop-down menu on the toolbar. 

Weld The Initials

Once the initials have been positioned in a way that they cut as one piece rather than three separate letters, you will want to join or weld them together.

The Weld tool lets you join together many shapes to create a single picture.

This may be accomplished by first selecting all three initials by clicking on them, and then clicking on the Weld button located in the lower right-hand corner, found at the very bottom of the layers section.  

Make The Design 

Finally, click on the “Make It” icon in the upper right corner of the screen and follow the on-screen instructions to cut out your finished design from scratch!

Always remember that you must SAVE the item in your Cricut Design Space if you anticipate needing it in another project.

Remember that if you are using iron-on material in your design then you must mirror the design before you finish it so that it does not appear backward when you print it. 

And that’s it! Using these simple steps, you should be able to quickly and easily make unique monogram designs for any occasion. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you leave us today, get your last-minute questions answered! 

What Is  A Monogram?

A monogram is often made up of two or more letters that are used to represent a person’s initials and are commonly found on jewelry.

It is possible to find or design single-letter monograms, which usually show a family’s surname.

Monograms are a popular design choice in weddings, with the design incorporating the couple’s initials of their first name, and their new surname at the end.

This may give you an idea for a great personalized wedding gift to a loved one. 

What Types Of Monograms Are There?

There are several standard designs of monograms that you can find. Here are some of the most popular ones used in the design. 


The letters in this monogram are more rounded, sometimes having an actual circle surrounding the letters as well. These have a funky sort of style to them and are a good choice for logos.

The border around the initials can be decorated however you want, such as by adding flowers or vines, but it can also be left plain, or you could have no border at all. 


This type of monogram is typically used in formal settings such as weddings, as they look very sophisticated. 

Each of these designs is so similar that they are essentially the same, though you may care about the subtle differences. 

In the interlocking version, the calligraphy-style letters interlock to create one design. 

With the script design, the letters stay slightly apart from each other. 

With the final kissing monogram, the letters ever so slightly touch each other. 

Block Monogram

Using a stack of letters, or a block-like font, this monogram makes the shape of a square or block. This is more of a professional-looking monogram and is often used in corporate businesses. 

Single Monogram

The best way to explain this one is to imagine an old or fancy book. Often at the start of these books, the first letter is highly detailed and bigger than all the other letters on the page.

That is what a single monogram looks like. 


By following this easy step-by-step guide above, you should be able to make monogram designs suitable for any occasion. Making designs like this is a fun hobby and a great way to express your creativity. 

If you want to make unique and personalized designs to be used as gifts to loved ones or just to add some decoration to your home, then you can’t go wrong with using monograms!

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