How To Fill In Procreate

Procreate is an incredibly useful tool for experienced digital artists, artists who are only used to the traditional pen, paint, and paper methods, and total art beginners too.

The app allows all sorts of people to engage in digital art in a simplistic and fun way!

When it comes to traditional art, one of the most time-consuming elements can be coloring and shading. It can be a lengthy and tedious process.

With digital art, coloring and filling in your sketches are made simpler than it has ever been before.

Gone are the days of frustratingly trying to stay within the lines (that rule applies to everyone, not just toddlers!).

No longer do you have to spend hours upon hours mixing colors to find just the right shade, only to have it ruin your masterpiece upon trying to use it as you misjudged the red to blue ratio.

How To Fill In Procreate

Procreate takes all the stress away from coloring – and sketching in general – thanks to the quick and easy way that you can fill in objects, erase colors, add various patterns and textures or redo any errors.

But what is the Procreate program exactly? And how does it function? Let’s dive into the basics of the app to find out some of the various functions that it has to offer.

What Is Procreate?

Procreate is a digital software application that is available on both iOS and Android devices.

The app was created by Apple themselves, and it costs $9.99 for the iPad version and $4.99 for the iPhone version, known as Procreate: Pocket.

Apple utilizes their “Sketch” proprietary technology with Procreate, a system that lets users draw onto their device directly.

This technology has led to a whole new world of possibilities in the realm of digital art, with no limits on elements such as size, layers, or the formats that you can save your images in, such as PDF, PNG, JPEG, and even GIF.

That being said, Procreate is not intended to be an application to make other drawing, art, and image manipulation apps – such as Paint Tool SAI or Photoshop – obsolete.

Instead, Procreate is designed for the efficient and speedy creation of digital art that won’t have the user worrying about some of the more technical elements of image creation.

Procreate is a highly versatile app that supports a wide range of different media, replicating all sorts of art tools, including the following:

  • Pencils
  • Markers
  • Paintbrushes
  • Pens,
  • Crayons
  • Chalk pastels
  • Watercolors

These are just a few of the tools that Procreate has to offer!

Using Procreate

There are two main ways that you can use Procreate: via the touch screen or with a stylus. A stylus is a simple tool, made up of a small piece of plastic with a tip on the end.

It acts like a mouse cursor that will let you interact with the app and its various features in the same way that a touch screen tablet does.

There are various kinds of stylus pens available, such as the Wacom Bamboo Sketch stylus, the Adonit Dash 3 stylus, or even Apple’s own Apple Pencil stylus.

If you don’t have a stylus, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use the app. You can still use it with no problem thanks to the touch screen interface.

Just tap and drag your fingers across the screen, as you would with any other app used on a smartphone or tablet. An additional useful feature is a virtual keyboard, making it possible to write notes whilst you sketch with the app.

Now that we have more of an understanding of the Procreate app and how you can use it, let’s take a look at how you can fill in objects with the drawing program, as well as some of the other features that it has.

Filling In Objects

It might seem like a simple element when it comes to drawing and making art, but because of its necessity, the ability to fill in objects is a very important aspect of any art application.

Procreate makes it incredibly simple to fill in objects so that no matter what skill level you are or what your experience level with digital art might be, you are sure to have no problem learning.

So how do you do it?

First off, open up the app and start making some art! Once your drawing is ready to be filled, simply tap on the area on the screen that you want to be filled in with your stylus or your finger.

This area could be an object or a certain area of a person you have sketched that you want to be a certain color, such as their clothing, hair, or skin.

Choose your color from the color wheel and then navigate to the area that you are applying the color on.
Next, press the button below the color selector.

This will successfully remove the remaining color from the rest of the canvas, and there you have it! Your object should now be filled in nicely and neatly.

No fuss, no hassle, no accidentally coloring outside the lines!

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Color Wheel

Color Wheel

We briefly mentioned the color wheel when explaining how to fill in objects, but the color wheel is also a great feature of Procreate in its own right.

The color wheel allows you to quickly and easily select your colors, right down to the exact shades that you need. All you need to do is open up the wheel, pick your color by tapping it, and you are good to go.

Undoing Errors And Erasing Colors

No matter how technologically enhanced the software that you are using is, mistakes will always happen. With digital art, errors are much easier to correct.

Procreate makes it all the more simple to fix any unwanted errors and malfunctions of all shapes and sizes, whether you accidentally used the wrong color on a certain part of your sketch or if you used too much or too little ink.

Whatever the situation, you are sure to be able to easily undo any mistake with just a few taps. To undo an error immediately, all you have to do is tap the back arrow button.

To erase a particular color, just tap on the color that you want to erase and then click on the area that needs erasing.

Press the Erase button and there you have it, you will be left with a nice, clean, and error-free blank canvas.


The ability to create patterns is another feature that makes Procreate an essential app for digital art enthusiasts. Patterns on the app are shapes that can be used to create unique designs.

In order to create a pattern, first, draw your chosen shape.

All you need to do then is tap on the Pattern button, and you will be given a wide selection of pre-made patterns. Decide on your pattern and then start drawing over the top of it.

The original shape can be deleted once you are done with your drawing, simply by tapping on the Delete button, found on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.


Textures are another awesome element of Procreate that can easily be integrated into your art.

There are tons of textures available within the app, ranging from metal to fabric, stone, marble, glass, wood, and more. Adding a texture to your art is super simple.

Just pick the one that you would like to place, drag it onto the canvas and adjust the size accordingly by tapping on the corners or pressing the text box and altering the width and height to your preferences.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the things that you can do with a few taps of the Procreate app, making it a highly versatile digital drawing app that allows the user to utilize a wide range of tools to create any sort of digital art that you may choose.

Filling in one or multiple areas with a specific color is just one of the useful features of Procreate that makes the app a must-have for digital artists or for those looking to get started in the world of digital art.

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