How To Cut Vinyl On Cricut?

A Cricut machine is an amazing tool to make custom items. You can cut vinyl to make personalized gifts, such as mugs or T-shirts. Vinyl cuts easily and can withstand high temperatures.

You can also use it to decorate surfaces with vinyl decals, such as walls and furniture. With this handy guide, you’ll learn how to use your Cricut machine to cut vinyl!

how to cut vinyl on cricut

What Is a Cricut Machine?

A Cricut is an electric cutting machine that allows people to make custom items. This machine has a pen, scoring tools, rotary cutter or blade installed inside it.

People use this device to cut different types of materials, including vinyl, paper and cardboard.

You can use a wireless connection to send designs to the Cricut. You can also download pre-designed templates to get started. Once you’re done designing, you can upload them to the Cricut for cutting.

Tools and Supplies

Firstly, make sure you’ve got the right tools. You’ll need a cutting mat, a Cricut basic kit, an adhesive vinyl cutter, and a cartridge.

To cut out shapes using the Cricut machine, you need to use the Cricut Design Space software. This software allows you to design your own projects. You can also upload your designs onto the Cricut machine.

Preparing Project for Cutting

For those who are using an SVG file, the project is likely already ready to cut. You shouldn’t have to do anything else.

If you’re uploading a JPEG file, you’ll want to adjust the colors, groups and layer settings before sending your image to the machine.

To check if your image is prepared for cutting, you can press the Make It button. If your image is prepared to be cut, you’ll see an alignment and spacing that is correct.

Your image should be split up into different layers and colors.

When there is a problem with spacing, you should try to fix it by making sure that the shapes in your image aren’t separated by color.

You might also want to try to adjust the spacing by changing the size of the shape or removing them altogether.

Select all of the shapes that have the same color. Attach those shapes together as a group.

Send Image to Cricut for Cutting

You should now see a new window appear called “Color Cut”. This window allows you to select the color you want to cut out of your image.

Once you’ve selected the color, press the “Cut Color” button. Your image should now be cut out of the background.

You must ensure that your Cricut is turned on. Then you must set your Smart Dial to Vinyl. Next, you must place your vinyl on your cutting mat. Finally, you must load your vinyl into the Cricut.

After loading the mat, you can go back into the software to see if the mat was loaded correctly. You can also check the progress of the cutting process by monitoring the progress bar on your screen while the machine cuts.

When the machine finishes cutting, you can press the “Load/unload” button to unload the mat.

For projects that have multiple colors or designs, peel the vinyl off the cutting mat. Place a new sheet of vinyl into the machine that matches the design you’re working on.

Repeat the previous steps to cut out more sheets of vinyl. When all of the sheets of the vinyl are done, unload the cutting mat, and click finish. Your project should be finished!

Transferring the Vinyl

how to cut vinyl on cricuts

Always be careful when using transfer tapes. Follow these steps carefully!

Before printing vinyl images, they should be cleaned up. Remove anything unnecessary from the image.

After you’ve completed the process, remove the liner off the transfer tape. Put the transfer tape over the images that you want to put on your project.

The tape should be used with the sticky side facing down towards the surface.

Starting at the center and working outwards, rub the tape down on the photo avoiding any bubbles. Using a craft stick or similar tool, rub the tape onto your image.

Finally, peel off the vinyl liner at a 45 degree angle and smooth out any wrinkles. If you come across an issue where vinyl has stuck to the liner and not peeled away, you can re-apply the transfer tape to the vinyl image and try to peel it off.

Transfer Tapes

Paper Transfer Tape

Paper transfer tape is made out of paper that has an adhesive coated on one side. Though it will be somewhat transparent, it won’t be completely translucent.

It’s very much like masking tape, but it has better power. It’s also a bit more flexible and soft than clear transfer tape.

However, it doesn’t work well for laying down multi-coloured vinyl graphics or other projects requiring precise placement.

Clear Transfer Tape

Clear transfer tape is made out of a translucent plastic face film, making it much easier to use.

Vinyl graphics can be installed using this tape by cutting the vinyl graphic into pieces and then placing them onto the surface of the tape. Air and bubbles are less likely to appear because of the plastic’s lack of breathability.

Is It Possible For All Cricut Machines To Cut Vinyl?

All Cricut machines can cut vinyl, but there is a difference in the thickness of the vinyl sheet that each model can handle. Some models are better equipped for large projects.

Which Cricut Mat Should I Use for Vinyl?

Vinyl mats come in many shapes and sizes. Some are designed to fit specific machines, while others are meant to be used with any machine.

When choosing a vinyl mat, make sure to consider the thickness of the vinyl and the size of the sheet. Also, know what kind of machine you’re using.

About Vinyl

You need to know what kind of vinyl you want to use before buying it. Some vinyls work better than others when using the Cricut machine.

Vinyl is a thin adhesive-backed material that you can use to create many things. It comes in many different forms, including matte, glossy and permanent. It comes in sheets and rolls. It comes in various sizes.

Vinyl is a type of material that is used to create things such as posters, signs, etc. It comes in different colors and sizes. When you order vinyl, you need to know how big the piece of vinyl needs to be.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat Transfer Vinyl is a type of vinyl used to make your own clothes. You can cut it out with a cricut machine and then apply it to a fabric using an iron or heat press.

This type of vinyl layers well together and can be applied over each other to create even more unique designs.

Removable Indoor Vinyl

Removable vinyl is perfect for projects that you only intend to be displayed temporarily. Wall decals, decorations, and signs that are only meant to be temporary are some examples.

Most removable vinyl adhesive is easy to peel off. Cricut brand vinyl is permanent, but if you’re not sure, check the back!


The best way to learn how to cut vinyl on the cricut machine is to practice! Try different techniques until you get comfortable with them. Don’t forget to take pictures so you can refer back to them later if needed. Good luck!

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