How To Copy And Paste On Procreate

Procreate makes it easy to access a whole stable of incredible digital tools that make it easy to make artistic masterpieces all from just your iPad!

The program features so many different brushes, colors, and digital tools that make it easy to achieve effects that traditional art has no access to whatsoever. 

However, with so many amazing tools at the disposal of Procreate users, it can be easy to get caught up in the minute and lose track of even the most basic of tools.

How To Copy And Paste On Procreate

We’re sure all of you are familiar with the ‘copy and paste’ tools. You’ve used them in countless documents and used them to make your digital life so much easier. But how do you use those same tools in Procreate?

There are many different uses for the ‘copy and paste’ function in Procreate, and thus it can often be hidden away from where users might normally think to look for it.

So what are the main places you can find ‘copy and paste’, and what can you do with them in Procreate? 

Read on below to find out where you can find these all-important functions and what you can do with them!

How Do You Copy and Paste in Procreate?

Though the function may be hidden away slightly, it is actually quite easy to copy and paste in Procreate.

However, it is very important to mention that there are multiple ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ buttons that you can access on Procreate, and each one has a different function. So, let’s go through each one so that you can truly be in control.

How To Do A Basic Copy And Paste In A Procreate Document

In order to access the most basic versions of the copy and paste functions in Procreate, you will need to access whichever canvas you want to copy from or paste into.

From there, tap on the ‘Actions’ button at the top left of the canvas. This button is represented by a small wrench icon. The button should glow blue when you have successfully tapped on it. 

From there, you will want to tap the ‘Add’ button to access that submenu. Towards the bottom of the ‘Add’ submenu, you will see a set of four buttons.

These are ‘Cut’, which will cut all elements of a certain layer, ready to be placed into another layer. 

‘Copy’, which will copy all elements on the layer that you have currently selected. ‘Copy Canvas’, which will copy the entire canvas as one image, ready to be pasted into other programs, or onto another canvas.

Finally, there is the ‘Paste’ button, which can be used to paste anything you currently have attached to your iPad clipboard right into your canvas.

How Can You Copy A Layer On Procreate?

Want to copy a specific layer from one procreate canvas so that you can paste it into another?

Don’t worry, this is very easy to do! In order to copy a layer, simply open the layers menu on the top right corner of your canvas.

From there, simply find the layer that you want, with the contents you want to copy. Then, all you need to do is tap that layer once, with one finger, and you will be met with a number of options for that layer. 

In this case, you simply need to tap ‘Copy’, to copy everything from that layer.

Once you have done that, that layer is now on your clipboard, so you can paste it into another canvas, or even paste it into another kind of document, such as a text document.

This is great if you want to create a visual timeline of your piece of art, to show how you made it. 

How Do You Copy And Paste Specific Elements In A Procreate Canvas?

Found that you want to copy a specific part of your canvas but that part is also part of a much bigger layer with extra elements? Don’t worry, you don’t have to copy everything in that layer. 

All you need to do is select the ‘Selection’ tool, which is denoted by an ‘S’-shaped icon. This option is the third button at the top of the canvas from the left.

Select that, and you will be given the option to wrap a lasso around the part of your layer you want to select.

You have four options for selection, such as a freehand lasso, so you can draw around the shape you want, or a rectangle, to just choose a general portion. 

Once you have wrapped the lasso around your shape carefully, another options menu will appear towards the bottom of the canvas. On this menu, you will find the ‘Copy and Paste’ button. 

When you tap this, the contents that you wrapped up in the lasso will be copied and pasted right into a new layer. This new layer will be situated right above your current layer.

This can be a great method to make small adjustments to an existing image so that you can make your art look even better than ever.

Can You Copy And Paste Elements From Outside Of Procreate Into Procreate?

Can You Copy And Paste Elements From Outside Of Procreate Into Procreate

Yes. Very much so. If you have an image that you found on Safari, for example, you can simply copy it and then paste it into your canvas.

This will put the image into its own layer. You can also add photos that you have saved to your iPad, by selecting the ‘Insert a Photo’ button on the ‘Add’ submenu of the ‘Actions’ menu.

This is incredibly useful, as you can then create art from your own photos, or use your photographs as reference images to make learning anatomy easier or to select certain colors from an image for use in your art. 

Can You Copy And Paste Multiple Layers In Procreate?

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to copy and paste multiple layers at the same time from a procreate document. This is very frustrating for some.

However, there are some efficient workarounds that some users have found. 

The first method is to swipe right on every layer you want to copy. When you do this, each layer becomes blue, and this means that when you go to move them they will all move as one cohesive group.

Grab all of the layers that you want and then drag them with your finger. With another hand, press the ‘Gallery’ button, and you will be sent back to the main menu where all of your previously edited canvases are. 

Then, simply open up the canvas you want to paste into, and once you are loaded into it you can ‘drop’ the items you were carrying. This will drop them down in the order they were in the previous canvas.

The other method would involve condensing all of the layers you want down into one layer. This is a great option if you just need the image to be copied and pasted over.

If you want your layers to remain separate, however, then this is not the option for you. 

Unfortunately, the only truly valid method to copy and paste multiple layers is to do each one individually, which can take a very long time as you will have to enter and exit the same canvases multiple times in order to get what you want. 


Copying and pasting tools on Procreate are incredibly useful, and many pro users make use of these tools every single day to get the best out of every artwork they make.

The only trouble is that these functions are largely hidden away to average users, and many don’t know the benefits that they can offer.

We hope this guide has proven enlightening, and that you now know how you can access the copy and paste tools, and what each version of this relatively simple tool has to offer to make your artwork look even more amazing. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t currently any easy way to copy and paste multiple layers at once, which proves to be a source of frustration for many artists, but rest assured that there are workarounds and that they just take a little more effort than usual!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How To Copy And Paste In Procreate Without Creating A New Layer?

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to copy and paste elements in an image within the same layer.

Even if you were to use the lasso tool to copy and paste a specific area or element of a layer, then that content would immediately go into a new separate layer upon tapping ‘Copy and Paste’. 

However, it would be possible to then collapse the contents of the new layer onto the old layer after you have made your adjustments, so that there is no longer a new layer. However, the new layer is an inevitable step in this process.

How To Copy And Paste An Eye On Procreate?

If you have already drawn an eye into your image, and you now want to copy and paste that eye there are a few options.

If you drew the eye on its own separate layer, away from all other elements of the image, then you can simply duplicate or copy that layer.

If your eye is part of a larger layer, then you can use the lasso tool to carefully trace around the outside edge of it, before then tapping ‘copy and paste’ on the bottom of the canvas. 

If you already have an image of an eye copied onto your iPad’s clipboard, then you can simply paste it into a canvas via the ‘paste’ button in the adjustments menu!

Can You Copy A Layer In Procreate To Another File?

Definitely. It is quite easy to do. For example, if you have your iPad set to split-screen mode, with one program taking up one side, and procreate taking up another, then you can simply grab and drag your layer into the other program. 

Certain programs will be more receptive to Procreate layers than others, so always make sure to check beforehand.

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