Cricut Joy Reviews

Cricut is well known for its amazing range of compact and simple devices that help to make crafting an absolute breeze. No matter what you want to create, a Cricut device can help you to achieve your goals.

There are a number of different and unique models of Cricut devices, which makes them a very fantastic option regardless of how much crafting you plan to do.

Cricut Joy Reviews

If you want to craft thousands of interesting projects, you may be best suited to a Cricut Maker, the all-in-one device that has an incredible size that allows it to make just about anything at all. 

However, if you want a Cricut device that is a little smaller, a little more compact, and a little better suited for smaller projects, then you may be considering picking up a Cricut Joy. But what is the Cricut Joy actually like?

Is it worth the slightly daunting price tag, and what can you expect to see from yours, should you pick one up? 

If you're on the fence about picking up your own Cricut Joy, then read on below to find out whether you should pick one up today!

Is The Cricut Joy Worth It?

To put it very simply, the Cricut Joy is definitely worth the cost of admission. It features a slew of awesome features unique to it that make it worth checking out. But what are some of these features? And how can they benefit you? Let's find out.


Easily one of the best things about the Cricut Joy is its compact size. The unit itself is simply adorable, and you'll find yourself wondering how it is able to achieve such wonderful results considering its small stature. 

The unit itself is around 8" x 4" x 4", which makes it easily one of Cricut's smallest ever devices. This means that the device is highly beneficial to anyone who needs a small and portable Cricut machine that they can easily move around from one position to the next.

This is great for people who are very often on the move, and who cannot afford to purchase a large Cricut machine that will just stay in the home. 

The device's small size also makes it a perfect supplementary option even for people who already own a larger Cricut machine, as it can be taken on the go as a portable version of an existing device. 

Or, if you've yet to purchase your first-ever Cricut device and you want a smaller option to dabble in the world of their devices, this is also your best option, as it helps you to understand the amazing benefits they can offer without having to spend a massive amount on a larger model.

However, the size of the unit could potentially hold the unit back for some, as it is only able to cut images up to 4" wide, which may not be enough for some designs or projects. However, what it lacks in cutting width, it more than makes up for in cutting length.

The unit can cut individual materials of up to 20' in length, which is an incredible distance! We found ourselves consistently amazed at what this simple unit could do.

Ease Of Use

One aspect of their products that Cricut continues to praise themselves on is accessibility. Cricut devices are almost universally very easy to use, and very easy to get to grips with for first-timers.

Their devices are designed to not be daunting and to only feature controls or elements of the design that are crucial.

The Cricut Joy is no different, and, in fact, it is possibly even more easy to use than many other Cricut models you can purchase. The device itself features no buttons on its outer face, which helps to give it a simple and clean appearance that helps it to look incredibly modern.

It also helps to make the device less daunting right from the outset, as new users won't find themselves faced with a bunch of buttons they don't understand. 

However, now you might be wondering just how it can be possible to use the device without buttons... Well, here is where the best part of all comes in. The Cricut Joy is controlled entirely through the use of the Cricut Joy app! 

By downloading the Cricut Joy app to your smartphone you can accurately control every single aspect of the machine through one device. It's surprising just how much this can help to increase your productivity.

Sending designs to be printed within mere seconds is made incredibly easy with the app. 

The app itself is also incredibly well-designed and has no learning curve whatsoever, so you can get started with using the Cricut Joy seconds after getting it out of the box. 

The application also makes the Cricut Joy perfectly suited for both Cricut beginners and long-time users of Cricut devices.

By using the app you can make small changes to your settings to achieve very specific results, which is great for those who are well experienced with Cricut devices and want to make truly experimental designs.

However, if you just want to access the basic settings of the device, you can very easily click through the basic menu options to get printing within seconds. The device never puts up a fight against you and is always easy to use. 


The Cricut Joy is also beautifully designed and will very easily blend in with any home design.

The device has an incredibly modern look, thanks to its curved shape which features minimal seams and appears soft to the touch, as well as the beautiful complimentary colors that have gone into its design.

The blue and white color scheme of the device makes it very beautiful and always great to look at. 

This simple design is further benefited by the low weight of the unit, at around 4 pounds, which makes it considerably lighter than many other Cricut models.

This low weight means that the unit is easy to move from one place in the home to another, and the simple design means that it will look right at home no matter where you put it. And when you just want to store it out of the way, this is incredibly easy thanks to its small size.

Are There Any Negatives With The Cricut Joy?

One of the biggest negative aspects of the Cricut Joy is that it requires the use of very specific materials in order to create the designs you want. 

The only materials that are recommended for use with the Cricut Joy are Cricut's own range of vinyl materials, which can slightly limit your options. These materials can also be quite costly to stay stocked up on, so you will need to make sure that you use every inch of it that you possibly can. 

Although, the Cricut-brand vinyl material is very easy to use and is of the highest quality, so it is very much worth the price to access it.

Specifications For The Cricut Joy

  • Weight: 4 Pounds approx.
  • Dimensions: 8" x 4" x 4".
  • Colors: White and Turquoise.
  • Power: Uses an AC power adapter.
  • Max Cut Length: 4 Feet.
  • Max Cut Width: 4 Inches.


  • The Cricut joy is the perfect device for new and seasoned Cricut users alike. The device is easy to use, but also offers fine-tuned controls that are perfectly suited to users with specific crafting goals.
  • The Cricut Joy can very easily be controlled via a smartphone by connecting via Bluetooth and using the Cricut app. This makes it easy to control the device and helps to further optimize your productivity.
  • The simple design of the Cricut Joy makes it very easy to understand, and also helps you to keep your crafting space clutter-free. 


  • The Cricut Joy requires the use of highly specific own-brand cutting materials, which can prove costly after some time.
  • The Cricut Joy has a very small cutting width, which could be a major drawback for some users.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make Money With Cricut Joy?

If you wanted, you could utilize your Cricut Joy to create unique designs to sell on online marketplaces such as Etsy. The Cricut Joy can easily cut out designs that can be placed on things such as clothes, bags, or water bottles, which is highly attractive to potential customers!

Which Cricut To Buy For Beginners?

If you are a beginner in the world of Cricut devices, then you should consider picking up a Cricut Joy, as it is easily the most affordable model of Cricut device, which makes it perfect for those that are on the fence.

What's The Difference Between Cricut Joy And Cricut Maker?

The major difference between the Cricut Joy and Maker is the size. The Cricut Joy is a much smaller option, which makes it perfect for beginners.

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