Best Cooling Fans

Computers have taken over our everyday lives. We depend on them. We need them to function properly. So, for those of us who love using our computers, it can be incredibly annoying when you can feel them start to overheat. 

A computer that has overheated, is the beginning of all our problems. You can feel the computer starting to slow down. Then it starts to crash and freeze. Now, you’ve waited for an hour, trying to get the cursor to move. It’s a nightmare. 

Not only does it slow down the computer, but an overheating computer is also dangerous. Overheating can cause permanent damage to the internal hardware of your computer.

In the worst cases, an overheating computer can cause a fire to happen. This is due to the smoke that might start to be emitted or a spark in a broken wire when overheating. 

Don’t panic! We have the solution for you - a cooling fan. There are so many different types of cooling fans that making the right choice can seem like an overwhelming ordeal. Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you.

We’ve compiled a list of the best cooling fans. Also, because we want what’s best for you, we’ve also included a handy buyer’s guide filled with all the information you need to buy the best cooling fan. 


Noctua seems to dominate the computer cooling fan market. So, it is no surprise that they are our best overall choice for cooling fans. Noctua fans have always been simple to use and this one is not an exception.

The only difficult thing about Noctua fans is their names!

The Noctua NF-S12B redux-1200 (wow that is a mouthful) is a great cooling fan that is a go-to for many users. Noctua fans are built to last a long time for those that use them. Noctua fans have a lot of airflow and are pretty quiet. 

The issue customers of Noctua faced were in order to use their great fans, they had to go for an ugly fan. Their old fans were in terrible color options, for example, they were famous for their brown and tan fans.

However, Noctua has solved this problem by recoloring their fabulous designs in a modern gray and black color. This is great for those that don’t want a fan that gains attention at the expense of their computer. 

This model compared with other Noctua models is not as quiet. However, this model is extremely affordable. Therefore, with this Noctua option, you no longer have to break the bank to have a great cooling fan for your computer. 

The Noctua NF-S12B redux-1200 has been designed so that it has high airflow with low noise. It also has bevelled blade tips making the blades have a higher surface area with a quieter operation. Another great feature of this model is the anti-vibration pads. 

The Noctua NF-S12B redux-1200 has no RBG so it is a great option for those simpler builds. This model is 120mm in size. It has a 3 pin connection. The airflow is 100.6 m3/h. 


  • Airflow - This model provides great airflow, especially considering the price. This means it will do exactly what it was made for, keeping your computer cool.
  • Color - The modern color combinations make it more appealing to the eye.
  • Cheap - This model is cheaper compared to other Noctua ones on the market.


  • Noise -  Compared to other Noctua models, it’s not the quietest. Some users reported a clicking noise. 


If you’re looking for a top of the range, stylish and light-weight helmet that will provide ultimate protection, then this helmet would be ideal for you.

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Not only is this helmet perfect for keeping you safe, but with its sleek design, impressive air-ventilation system, and impact resistant shell, it proves to be an all-rounder in terms of satisfying your needs as a surfer.


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable straps
  • True to size
  • Handles elements very well
  • Removable ear pads


  • Plastic tension straps around the neck can be uncomfortable


We couldn’t have a list of the best cooling fans without including one for laptops. Laptops are known for becoming too hot.

You can hear the built-in fan starting to work once your laptop starts to overheat. But the noise is unbearable. So the Lamicall Laptop cooling fan is the best cooling fan for laptops currently on the market. 

The Lamicall Laptop cooling fan is a pad with a mesh design and a fan underneath it. The fan is able to spin around 700 rpm to 1400 rpm. The Lamicall Laptop cooling fan has an adjustable speed allowing you to have more control over the fan. 

The design of this laptop fan is similar to a laptop stand. You are able to raise this laptop fan to suit your needs as it has 7 height settings. The adjustable height feature of this laptop cooling fan helps with posture, relieves neck, shoulder, and spinal pain. 

The Lamicall Laptop cooling fan comes with two USB ports. This means you can use one to connect for powering the fan and still have an extra USB port for any other needs.

The Lamicall Laptop cooling fan was designed with being portable in mind. The cooling fan stand is slim and lightweight to make moving it around easier. 

Unlike built-in laptop fans, the Lamicall Laptop cooling fan is whisper quiet. It has noise reduction design features. This means you can keep your laptop cool without the annoying sound interrupting you.

The best thing about the Lamicall Laptop cooling fan is that even at maximum speed it is quiet. 

Compared to other fans this one does not have a light. This is ideal for those who have keyboards that already light up so an extra light would be irritating.

Also, the Lamical Laptop cooling fan is affordable. The fan is not as expensive as others on the market and is a good price for the product. 


  • Laptop -  This cooling fan is designed for a laptop, which is perfect since they overheat when using them for a while. 
  • Adjustable Height - The adjustable height feature of this fan is great to prevent problems and aches that laptops can cause.
  • Price - This laptop cooling fan will not break the bank, so you can save your laptop from overheating and save your money.


  • Size - Some users reported that the Lamical Laptop cooling fan was too small for their laptops. To avoid this problem check the dimensions of your laptop.


Silence. That’s what most of us want at least at one point in life. For those of you who use a computer frequently, you may be wishing for a bit more often compared to others.

Especially when it comes to the sound of a fan slowly grinding on your nerves. And you deserve silence. That is exactly why we included the Silent Wings 3 cooling fan. 

The Silent Wings 3 cooling fan was engineered with silence in mind. The fan has a 6 pole fan motor with three phases.

This design choice was so the fan has low power consumption, less vibration, and therefore less noise. The high-quality IC motor controller lessens electrical noise. 

The fan is equipped with seven fan blades with optimized surface for great airflow. The Silent Wings 3 cooling fan also has anti-vibration mountings on all four edges, reducing the number of vibrations and therefore reducing the noise level.

What is special about this fan is the rubberized frame. The rubberized frame has funnel-shaped air inlets to help with air circulation. The rubberized frame also helps to reduce noise. 

The Silent Wings 3 cooling fan has a durable fluid-dynamic bearing which reduces operating noise. Compared to fans like Noctua, the noise reductions designs have made this fan slightly less powerful.

With that in mind, it is more expensive compared to the Noctua fan. 


  • Quiet - This fan does exactly what it says it is going to do. It stays quiet, which is what many of us hope our fans will do. 
  • Performance - The performance on this fan is respectable, considering that the focus of this fan was for it to be as quiet as possible.
  • Power consumption - This fan has a great design to help with low power consumption, which is a great thing to keep in mind when building a computer. 


  • Price - The price is still affordable, however considering it is less powerful than cheaper fans, it makes this the Silent Wings 3 cooling fan’s weak point. 


So far this list has had some pricey fans. We understand that sometimes people like to build their computers based on a lower budget. Therefore, we’ve included the AC Infinity Multi-Fan S1 as our best budget-friendly fan. 

The AC Infinity Multi-Fan S1 has been designed to cool a variety of electronics and components which make it a great multi-purpose fan. The airflow of this fan is 26 CFM as it is an 80 millimeter fan.

If you’d like more airflow there are other models of the AC Infinity Multi-Fan S1 that are increased in size. In terms of the noise level with the AC Infinity Multi-Fan, it is 17dB.  

The AC Infinity Muit-Fan S1 has dual ball bearings that have a lifespan of 67,000 hours. They also allow the fan to be laid flat or stand upright. The fan can be powered through the USB plugs and USB ports that are found on computers and gaming consoles.

The fan comes with a multi-speed controller that allows you to adjust the speed of the fan, giving you more control. This fan also has silicone rubber feet.

This is a great noise reduction feature as the rubber feet absorb noise and surface friction that are caused by the fan vibrations. These rubber feet can be detached to reduce the height of the fan for tight spaces. 

Our favorite thing about this fan is the price. It is an extremely affordable fan that also has great noise control features. 


  • Price - A very affordable fan, so you don’t have to break the bank.
  • Metal grilles - Not a feature usually talked about, but this helps to keep hands and paws away from the fan blades.
  • Noise - There has been a great focus on noise control and the silicone feet help with that.


  • Power - Compared to other designs this one is not as powerful.

Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve had a look at the best cooling fans, it is important to think about what you need.

Best Cooling Fans


Cooling fans come in so many different sizes. We’ve had a range of sizes on this list going from 80mm to 120mm. When it comes to building a computer, usually 120mm is the standard size for the cooling fans used.


Price is another really important factor when buying a cooling fan. You don’t need to break the bank in order to get a good fan. However, some features may be more expensive than others.

If you are specifically looking for an RGB fan, they can be more expensive than a regular fan. This is something to keep in mind when thinking about your budget. 

Noise Level

Some people enjoy white noise. A cooling fan’s noise level might be similar to white noise for some. However, if you prefer to work in silence then it is important to think about that when selecting a cooling fan.

If you are easily irritated by noises we would suggest prioritizing the noise level of a fan when deciding which one to purchase. To help you with this, noise levels are measured in decibels. If the decibel number is low, then the fan is quiet.

The rule is the lower the decibel, the lower the noise. 


It is probably the most important factor to consider. It is the reason you are buying a fan. When you are looking to buy a fan a lot of numbers and figures might be thrown at you. To help you, airflow is measured in CFM.

CFM means cubic feet per minute. You might also see the figure RPM which means revolutions per minute. Keep in mind that if you see a high RPM it does not mean it is a strong fan, as the speed doesn’t mean great airflow. 

Frequent Asked Questions

Will Adding More Fans Help Cool My PC?

Adding another fan will help cool your PC faster as it may help to improve the airflow and temperature quickly. However, if you are not optimizing the air pressure, you might not see much of a difference. 

What Makes A Good Cooling Fan? 

A good cooling fan is subjective to what you desire. For example, some might think that a good cooling fan just needs to have great airflow. However, some people might think that a good cooling fan is one that has great airflow but is also silent.

We would say that, overall, in order to call a cooling fan a good one, it needs to have amazing airflow, be relatively quiet, and is not too expensive. 

How Many Fans Do I Need For My PC?

We think that as a general rule having a minimum of two fans should be enough to get you started. 

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