Are MSI Laptops Good For 3D Modeling?

Micro Star International (MSI) is a world renowned electronics company. They are content creators, business and productivity solution architects, and most notably, e-gaming product producers.

They produce a range of electronics for the e-gaming industry including graphic cards, motherboards, desktops and peripherals. Most famous, however, are their e-gaming laptops, which have a solid reputation of being some of the best available.

As great for gaming as MSI laptops might be, there are people who want to know what other digital tasks they could be good at. And one of these is 3d modeling.

So in this blog post, we answer the question, are MSI laptops good for 3d modeling?

What are MSI Laptops?

First and foremost, MSI laptops are gaming laptops. But, their laptops are not just any old pc’s. And their reputation comes from the fact that they are kitted out with some of the highest technical specs. These technical features mean that MSI laptops are powerful and can smoothly process highly demanding gaming, while making it look crisp.

Along with gaming laptops, MSI also produces a smaller range of content creation laptops. These also have high performing technical designs, and can be used for a range of design and creation tasks. It is these laptops which MSI makes with 3d modeling in mind.

What is 3D Modeling?

If you are asking whether MSI laptops are good for 3d modeling, then the chances are that you already know what 3d modeling is. But for anyone new to it, here is a quick definition.

In computer graphics, 3d modeling is a technique for a three dimensional(3d) rendering of objects and surfaces.

By manipulating edges, vertices and shapes in 3d space, you can create all kinds of structures and beings. Thanks to it all taking place in the digital world, the possibilities are endless.

If you have seen any sort of animated movie, then you are already familiar with 3d modeling!

Are MSI Laptops Good for 3D Modeling?

Now let’s look at both the gaming and content creation laptops to see how they fare in terms of 3D modeling.
Gaming Laptops
Models have either AMD Radeon or Nvidia GeForceRTX graphics cards, and lots of RAM, usually between 8 to 16GB.

The MSI GL65 Leopard, GE66 Raider, and GP66 Leopard could also all be used for 3d modeling

The main reason why these gaming models are also great for 3d modeling is because they have Nvidia GeForce graphics cards, and not AMD Radeon ones. Nvidia graphics cards are the 3d modeling industry’s staple, and are a go-to GPU for many pros and hobbyists alike.

Content Creation Laptops

MSI content creation laptops usually have the same processors as the gaming models, but only come equipped with Nvidia GeForce graphics cards. Like the gaming laptops, this means that their visual rendering is second to none.

Some of the content creation laptops also come with 4K screen resolution, which is the current cinema standard. MSI content creation models with 4K screen resolution include the three variants of the Creator 15 laptop.

Gaming models like the GE66 Raider and GS66 Stealth also have 4K resolution screens. This only goes to show that as long as it has a powerful Nvidia graphics card and high quality screen resolution, then it does not matter whether an MSI laptop is for gaming or content creation, as it will do a good job of 3d modeling.
MSI Laptops vs Other Laptops

So how do MSI laptops compare to other pc’s which are also highly rated among the 3d modeling community?

ASUS, Acer, as well as Razer all bring some decent competition to the table.

The ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo is just as good as any MSI laptop in terms of visuals and performance, but has better memory. This ASUS model has 1TB of memory, whereas MSI laptops usually have 512GB. That is just under half as much.

Acer models like the Predator Helius 300 have the same processors, graphics cards, and amount of storage as MSI laptops, but lower quality screens. Some of the MSI content creation laptops are now equipped with the latest standard of image viewing, which is 4K. Whereas this Acer model has a full HD screen, which was the previous standard.

And finally, Razer models like the Blade 15 could also be considered over a lower end MSI model. Older Blade 15 models have the same storage and working memory capabilities as most MSI models. But, they do have a slightly lower performing, but still Nvidia graphics card. But the 2021 version does have the option to upgrade to the same standard of graphics cards.

Should You Buy an MSI Laptop for 3D Modeling?

As we have seen, MSI is one of the best producers of 3d modeling laptops, but is not the only one.

But if you now think that an MSI laptop is the right choice for your 3d modeling, there’s one thing left to do. And that is to decide whether you get a pure content design laptop, or gaming laptop that is also good for 3d modeling.

If you do not see yourself getting into gaming, then it would probably be best to go with a pure content creation model. But if you think that you might also dabble with a game or two, then go for a gaming one. You will not be missing out on important technical specs, now you know that the content creation and gaming models share many features.

Final Thoughts

Final answer… Yes. There is no doubt about it. MSI laptops do not blow away the competition, but are definitely a good choice for 3d modeling.

They are built with high-end technical features, making them powerful and fast, and their visuals look great.

Used by industry pros, an MSI laptop will help you to learn the craft of 3d modeling.

Just make sure that for the best 3d modeling capabilities, you choose an MSI laptop with a 4K resolution screen, a Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics card, and the latest intel processor.

Michael Moore