About Us

When it comes to the perfect gifts for loved ones and friends, it can often be difficult to know the best options to choose. While store bought gifts can be great, often they lack personality and are not as special as something that is specifically created with someone in mind. 

This is why 3D printing is so useful. Not only can a 3D printer be used to make cool gadgets and gizmos, but it can be used to create special gifts for those in your personal life too. 

Did you know that jewelry can now be 3D printed?Not many people realize this! 3D printed jewelry can look fantastic, and can be personalized according to the specific person. Not only does this create an individual piece of jewelry that no one else has, but it also allows you to be more accurate with the sizing too. 

It is certainly something that needs more recognition and popularity. This is why I decided to set up my site, Love and Robots, to share the amazing world of 3D printing with others.

Hi, my name is Michael Moore, and I have been 3D printing for a number of years now. I have created many cool gadgets over the years, but my current passion is creating one of a kind jewelry pieces. They can be so intricate and beautiful that many people wouldn't believe they are 3D printed. 

Through Love and Robots, I hope to share my knowledge with others, and provide advice about everything 3D printer related.